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1. Meet at 74 rue Emile Zola 89100 Sens

2. Enter the code on the keypad located on the right side of the carriage door

3. Enter the lobby

4. Find the key box (# 5) on the wall to the left after the mailboxes

5. Retrieve the key from the key box

5.1. Lower the cover of the key box

5.2. Press the Clear (C) button

5.3. Enter the key box code

5.4. Press the open button and retrieve the key

5.5. Close the key box by re-entering the code and pressing the open button

5.6. Close the black cover

6. Exit the lobby

7. Take the stairs on your left

8. Enter the building

9. Go up to the first floor

10. Go up to the second floor

11. Open the door to apartment 5